Hi all!

Thanks so much for checking in and for the comments, it’s great to hear from people. I just wanted to let everyone know what’s been happening in the last little while. Those of you who’ve seen me recently know that I’ve had some issues with bureaucracy. There was a big mix-up with my address, so I didn’t get any of the paperwork from England that I needed. As a result, I couldn’t apply for my student visa to allow me to stay over there, etc. Well I finally gave in and called the University of Derby (which is when I found out it was an address issue), and since it was already cutting it close I got an emailed copy ofmy acceptance letter. So I had to send that to the British Consulate. I was cutting it close enough that I was envisioning myself waiting for my visa to arrive in the mail on the day that I’m supposed to take off. Luckily, they were quite speedy with my paperwork, and I got the email last night that the visa should arrive in a couple days. PHEW!

So then, I start to worry about residence. Since I didn’t get the acceptance letter when I was supposed to, I didn’t have a student number to apply for residence, so that got done late too. Then I find out that I have to receive my paperwork from England, fill it out, and have it mailed back to them before I can move in. Luckily, that whole package arrived today (which is strange, considering that it was sent to the same wrong address).

As you can see, things seem to finally be working out. For now. I just can’t believe how many things have to be done just to go to a different school for a year. It’s a good thing I didn’t work 2 jobs again this summer, the paperwork alone is a full-time job.

One more thing. Turns out mom has a friend who is a police officer. Since I’m a forensic science student, he’s agreed to let me come on a ride-along before I leave for England. More on that next week.