Well, I was actually back home by labour day, but I was camping on labour day weekend. Went up to dad’s trailer at Minehaha in Port Loring, it was pretty fun. Since my last day at work was Friday Sean and I headed up after I was finished. We got there around 11pm, which was pretty fast. Saturday was mostly fishing, and we took a break mid-day to go to Mirror Lodge for lunch. I think this place is pretty cool because it’s only accessible by boat. Then we did some more fishing, and then had supper at the corn festival on the campgrounds. As a side note, Sean says I caught the smallest fish in the lake. My big catch Labour day weekend I say it’s because I wasn’t using my fishing pole. I think this is the only time I’ve been fishing up there and haven’t caught a pickeral.

It was pretty rainy Sunday, so we didn’t get out for more fishing. We went for a drive instead. We were going to go to a store, but it was closed. So instead we drove down to the dump to see if we could catch a glimpse of the bears that regularly feast there (no luck, but that may not be a bad thing) and then on to look at some cottages that are for sale. Sean and I had to leave pretty early because grandma and grandpa had a going away party planned for me. We arrived at this a little later than planned, but it was really great, and there were more people there than I was expecting.

By the way, if you’ve seen me, I have a nice little gash on my forehead and a bump on my nose. Dad’s cupboard attacked me.