So I figure what better day to visit my old high school than the first day? I realize things are a little crazy on the first day, but as I remember it things were always a little laid back, and it wasn’t uncommon to get out of class early. Based on this, I thought I’d haveno trouble finding teachers and getting to talk to them.

Boy, was I wrong

First, I go to the office to let them know I’m there, just like I’m supposed to. I’ve been back to visit before this, and all I ever had to do was say hi to the secretary and let her know I’m there. Apparently, she has retired. And so have a few of my favourite teachers. Anyways, I go in the office, and there’s this person I’ve never seen before. I say “I’m here to see a few of my old teachers”, and she says “this isn’t a good day”. I’m not about to be put-off, so I sign in on this page in a binder that I’ve never seen before, and I go to do my thing. At this point it’s near the end of the first period, and EVERYONE is still in class!! So I’m wandering around peeking in the little shoe-box size windows on the doors trying in vain to see which classes my old teachers are in. I did manage to see a few of them, but not nearly as many as I’d like. And I could tell that all of them were already having a trying and hectic day. I also saw tons of students who didn’t know where their next class was, and the break is hardly enough time to search for it.

Turns out there’s a new principal. Trying to make her (I think it’s a her) mark on the school I suppose. Things seemed so much more strict. Not to mention unwelcoming to the new students.

Anyways, to all the teachers that I did manage to see, thanks for taking the time out of such a busy day to have a short chat with me. And please pass this web address on to anyone else you think might be interested. And to all the teachers that taught me in my time there, you do an awesome job, so keep it up.

Finally, to Bruce and Jennifer (trying to keep last names out of the blog), I hear you had a baby boy in May. Congrats!!