The first thing I did when I arrived was go to my room, of course. It’s larger than I expected, and has all colours that I like. It also has a personal bathroom, definitely worth the extra expense. I went into the kitchen to check things out and then 2 other girls came in. A and V (I’m going to just stick to initials.) They’re both from Spain. A whole group of Spanish students are here studying Business Management. It’s their 4th year, and there are 27 of them, all from the same school.  They are very friendly, and they gave me directions on how to get to the nearest grocery store. It’s only a couple blocks away, so I went and picked up some fruit (I was starving!) When I came back, I met P, a friend of A and V’s. He’s pretty nice, and he understood me better than A and V did at first. However, most of the Spanish students have fallen into the trap of talking only to each other, and only in Spanish. Since A and V have been talking to me a lot, their English has improved tons.

The only downside to this flat seems to be that we have only one fridge, and it’s smaller than those at home. I really wish I could have brought my own from home. This is especially small since it will be shared between 6 people.

Tuesday night, P, V, and A showed me how to get to Derby’s city centre. It’s a relatively short walk from here, which is nice since that’s where everything is. However the streets curve and branch so much that in only a few minutes I was completely lost.

I finally got some sleep tuesday night (that nap on the second flight was the only sleep I’d had since Monday morning.) Yesterday they took us on a bus to the city centre in the afternoon, and they arranged special trips up the cathedral tower for us. Very old, very high, and a little scary. My flatmates and I also bought a few necessities for the kitchen. When we got back, our fourth flatmate, F, was here. She’s from Pakistan, though lots of her family live in Birmingham. Last night there was a big party to welcome us all to the school. I met a few more Spanish students, a guy from Boston, and had a nice long chat with the president of the student’s union.

Tried some new foods today, but other than that nothing much happened.

One of the biggest differences I’ve noticed so far: the 2 grocery stores closest to here are not much bigger than our convenience stores, and half of the building is chocolate and alcohol products. The rest is actual food. It’s so strange to me to have alcohol so accessible. I haven’t tried buying any yet. I don’t even know if they’d accept my ID.