– (added) – cell phones can be switched to a different network- very nice if you don’t like who you’re with, but results in lots more cell phone thefts

– (added) – closed circuit tv cameras everywhere

– (added) – street signs are bolted to the sides of buildings, and at different heights. hard to find

-the light switches here are upside-down (you push it up to turn the light off)

-there are switches at every outlet to turn it on or off

-McDonald’s is small, but 3 stories high. Bathrooms at the top. Approx. same price, but in pounds instead of dollars (so basically double)

-In addition to McDonald’s, I’ve seen Staples, Costco, and Blockbuster (way weird)

-There is a “Poundland” (Everything for a pound!)

-No two streets meet at right angles, and most streets curve. (Very easy to get lost)

-Because of the above, there are few traffic lights

-Power outlets and phone plugs are different

-they drive on the other side of the road

-you can buy alcohol almost anywhere

-some whole streets are for pedestrians only, no vehicles allowed

-stone fences everywhere, very few wire fences and even fewer wood ones.

-nothing stops the sheep from walking across the road

-on traffic lights, the yellow comes on both before and after the green light

-there are very few elevators

-the posted price is what you pay, no tax on top

-people parallel park facing both directions on both sides of the street. (very confusing when you’re still getting used to traffic being on the other side of the road)