First thing that I did this morning was try to find my way to Derventio Heritage Village. I ended up passing quite close to the Derby cathedral again, so I decided to go inside. (When I had gone for the tour of the tower, I actually didn’t go inside the cathedral. The entrance to the tower is actually a little door inside the entranceway, looked like they were taking us inside a closet!) Anyways, I had promised Kat back home that I would take some pictures of cathedrals while I’m here, so I went in. It’s quite nice, but didn’t have nearly as much stained glass as I would have thought. It does have a giant organ though, and very pretty gold trim around a lot of things.


Next I went across the street to the Cathedral shop. I was rather surprised to see a Green Man plaque and book set there. It even says on the box that this is a pagan symbol. I wonder if they’ve read the box… Made me laugh though.

After that I did manage to find my way to Derventio. Apparently it is a rather new attraction, and not quite finished. Meant that I got a discount on entry though. Still plenty to see there. I saw a lifesize Viking homestead and farm, Saxon homes, vehicles from the world wars, and a scale model of a Roman fort that used to be here.  One thing that I noticed about the Saxon homes is that the beams were put in differently than what we do. I have pictures, but unfortunately these ones are too big to load on this site.