Yesterday I was on campus (as already mentioned) for some welcome sessions. The first one I went to happened to be hosted by the program leader for forensic science. Turns out I had been sent to the wrong place. Repeatedly. Also turns out my new schedule was still wrong. So he helped me figure out a working schedule, and he also introduced me to all the second year forensic science students. (Here they only have 3 years of university, not 4, so I fall somewhere between the second and third years). His way of introducing me was to get me to stand up in front of the whole group and tell them who I am and where I’m from (“Canader”- he’s Scottish). Luckily I don’t get embarrassed nearly as easily as I used to.  Unfortunately because of the new schedule I no longer have four-day weekends this semester. I do get three-day weekends though, and since the courses I’m taking this semester are a little harder than those I’m taking next semester, that might not be such a bad thing. Next semester I only have to go to school on Thursdays and Fridays. Hello five-day weekends!! And the whole day on Friday is just my forensic imaging class, which involves taking pictures of evidence and using software to make the pictures better. I’m pretty happy about being able to take that class. And when I’m finished, I’ll have a portfolio. I find that rather humerous. A portfolio full of morbid images.