Yep, this post is way overdue.

Classes finally started this week. It was nice to have some structure back in the days. Also flatmate #6 finally arrived. I think I’ve seen her for a total of 2 minutes in the week she’s been here though, so I don’t know much about her. We think she’s just really really shy. There have also been some issues with really loud music in the flat below us, but as they’ve already had several warnings they’re quite close to just being kicked out of residence, which will solve that problem neatly. At first I felt bad about doing that to someone. Until they woke me up at 3am. Foolish boys.

Anyways, did some sightseeing on Saturday. I left much earlier than I needed to, just in case I got lost. I didn’t, so I had an extra couple hours to browse in the museum before catching the bus to Kedleston Hall. Turns out the museum is much bigger than it looks. 2 hours wasn’t nearly enough. Luckily it’s free admission, so I’m sure I’ll be back a lot. They have all sorts there. There’s a huge art gallery. There’s a natural history museum that even contains fossils from when hippos and straight-tusked elephants were right here in Derby (I think it was about 100,000 years ago. or 250,000 years ago. I’ll check when I go back). They also have all sorts of artefacts from the stone age, the bronze age, the iron age, etc. And they have lots of information and displays about the Roman and Viking settlements that were here. They also have a big section on all the different wars that have taken place here. Finally, since Royal Crown Derby porcelain is made here, there’s a big section all about it’s history. Like I said, it was a big place.

After that, I went to catch the bus to Kedleston Hall. It leaves Derby at 1pm, and picks you back up at Kedleston Hall at 4:44pm. This is the only time to catch the bus. I realized why when I was the only one who got off at Kedleston. I must say that this was actually a bit of a disappointment after Chatsworth. It just didn’t seem as big, or as wonderful. I imagine I’m biased though. I also was a little upset that pictures aren’t allowed. I think this is to sell guidebooks. Which is exactly why I refused to buy one. One thing that I did find really interesting about this mansion was its church. It had its own graveyard for family (and servants, I believe) and it was quite full. The church itself was quite picturesque, and had some wonderful statues. One other thing that I wanted to mention: there was a dress there that was specially made for one of the ladies that used to live there. It’s called the peacock dress, and is made of gold and peacock feathers and scarab beetle wings. By the time it was finished, it apparently weighed over 100lbs. From the looks of things, the dress weighed more than she did. I don’t know how she managed to stay standing. Absolutely incredible.