I’m surprised there hasn’t been one of these yet. I decided to not do any travelling this weekend as there are several things that I really need to get to work on and I have been procrastinating big time. Like I always do. I figured by not having anything else to do that I would get down to work. It’s nice in theory, but doesn’t work so well in reality. I actually have done some work in the last few hours, but that’s more from just being tired of watching the to-do list get longer. I was actually going to get to the city center at some point this weekend, but that never really happened because I kept staying up all night chatting to people online and then sleeping through the hours that things around here are actually open. (And yes, it turns out that there are 24-hour stores here, but god forbid a poor helpless female go out alone at night!!) I think this was also partly that I just haven’t completely adjusted to the time difference. And I was always good at staying up late and sleeping through the days anyways. Hence the pale skin, it rarely sees the sun. Anyways, all this is besides the point. The point is that it was a huge mistake to stay in my room for a whole weekend.

The main problem here is that I see ‘home’ as a personal space. A place where I can go to get away from the world and have peace and quiet and relax. This is why ‘residence’ and I will never be able to co-exist peacefully. While living in residence, it would seem that the only way to have personal space or peace and quiet is to not be in residence. You would think that I would have remembered this after my first time in residence. However, since I was coming to a different country residence still seemed like the best option. I’d be close to campus (well, not exactly), it’d be easier to make friends (debateable), and if I were to try to get an apartment elsewhere I wouldn’t know what a good price would be or whether I was being cheated or what the place was actually like. Not to mention that I don’t have any furniture.  It’s quite incredible how much they manage to charge you to share with 5 other people. Even more incredible that people come back here more than once. It’s also incredible how inconsiderate people can be. You’d think by now that I’d be used to the faults inherent in human nature, and that it wouldn’t shock me any more when people do incredibly selfish or mean things. But that’s just not the case. It didn’t shock me when I saw that they’ve set up the cupboards in the kitchen so that you can lock them. I know that people living together can have problems with stolen food. It did shock me when I looked in the fridge and a half-block of my cheese had mysteriously disappeared. (Oh how I miss my mini-fridge!) Our fridge is small, yes. But every member of the flat has a clearly defined area (separate shelves, in fact) to put food. This is my shelf. This has been my shelf since before half of the members of the flat even got here. We have all been quite clear about the separation. Even if my area in the fridge wasn’t that clearly defined, whoever took it had to know that it wasn’t theirs. They didn’t buy it. This makes me wonder what could possibly go through a person’s head to make this ok? Yea, I learn about people who do much worse stuff every day. But generally you can say “clearly there’s something wrong with this person’s head to allow them to do this”. But stealing cheese? Honestly.

There is also another, rather large, issue here. The food thing isn’t big, yet. If anything else is stolen from me then it will become an issue. But maybe, somehow, it was a mistake. I’ll find out soon enough. The big issue is the guy below me. He’s some big hot-shot who wants to show everyone how rich he is by blasting horrible music from his sound system loud enough to make the whole building deaf. And yes, he’s in the room right below me. He’s not even from England. I can’t remember where he’s from, but as soon as I heard this I was thinking “I’d never do that, it’d make my country look bad”. And yes, I have personally asked him to stop. At least 4 times now. I would not be complaining about an issue if I had not done anything about it. (I have issues with people who tell a third party or complain about an issue without making any effort to resolve it first. Reminds me of all the back-stabbing that I witnessed done by ‘best-friends’ to each other growing up. If you have a problem with someone then bring it up, deal with it, and move on.) I have also gone to the hall manager. Repeatedly. The guy below me has had both spoken and written warnings already. If he keeps it up he’ll be kicked out. I hate to sound malicious, but I can’t wait. I don’t see how someone can be doing something, find out that it’s really bothering their neighbours, and then continue doing it anyways. Guess he thinks the rules don’t apply to him. We all know how that turns out. It makes me feel bad though. I don’t like being the tattle-tale. I don’t like making the hall manager have to take time out of everything else that he has to do to deal with something so minor. But I also don’t like being forced to listen to the same songs over and over again to the point that they’re still playing through my head even when it’s quiet. To me that is a form of torture. It’s noise pollution. And I’m paying too much to live here to have to deal with that.  He has me wound up to the point where I would absolutely love to get physical. But I know that with his type that would just encourage him to do it more, just to make me mad. And I also know that violence isn’t the answer (but it would be sooo satisfying).

It just bugs me that people can care so little for others that they can allow themselves to do things like this. What ever happened to human decency? Compassion? Consideration? And why does everyone else just put up with this sort of behaviour and not do anything about it? If there’s something happening in your life that you don’t like, do something about it! Don’t just sit there and whine.

Sometimes I just hate people.

All this being said, can anyone give me a good idea for something to get for a crotchety old man for Christmas? I think the hall manager really deserves something for putting up with my complaints so frequently, and for doing what he can about them too. (Poor guy already knows me just from the sound of my voice)
Also, don’t worry about me. I know it sounds like things are horrible for me right now but I am doing something about it. And just ranting like this tends to help a lot. And I know all the comments I’ll get in response to this will help me out too.  I have to remember to look at the bigger picture and realize that I’m living a life-long dream right now. It’s just too bad that other people are so good at spoiling it.

Hope everyone back home has a great Thanksiving. Remind me to eat twice as much next year to make up for missing this one 😉