I’m surprised there aren’t any comments on that last post yet. You’re falling behind people!

That’s alright though. Monday was infinitely better than the weekend.  The cheese somehow managed to reappear in the fridge, although it was quite a bit smaller. Ana explained to me today that she thought it was Vanessa’s cheese (the two share everything), which still doesn’t completely make sense because it was on a different shelf. I’m not mad about it anymore though because she did apologize and she said that I could use their cheese next time to make up for it. So, as soon as I figured things were starting to open up, I headed towards the city centre. I almost didn’t, because it was raining. But then I decided that I need to stop letting little things get in my way. Good choice. I was on the hunt for a good pair of boots and a warmer coat for winter (some things are just easier to buy when you’re here rather than try to pack them. My winter coat is huge!). The first place I walked into has to be one of the best stores I’ve ever been in. Even better than the Dragon’s Lair. It’s called Haze. They have a pair of boots there which I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy. I didn’t right there and then just because they cost a fair amount of money so I wanted to take time to decide whether I really want them. Thing is, I’ve been looking for boots like these for 3 or 4 years now. And all of a sudden I have several styles to choose from. So I think I’ll be going back there within the week. Still have to find a decent coat though. After that I did more shopping, and bought some things I needed, and some that I didn’t. Also picked up a few more things for the kitchen, since I have issues with sharing. (The issue isn’t selfishness or anything like that. It’s just that inevitably every time I go to use something it’s sitting in the sink because it’s dirty and the last person who used it hasn’t gotten around to washing it yet. And I am too stubborn to just wash it for them since I need it. So I’d rather have my own stuff than wash other peoples’ dishes.)

Almost as soon as I got back to res, Farah and Manel invited me out to supper with them. So we had some food and a nice long talk.

All in all, a pretty good day.

Today was good too. Last week after my genetics lecture (every Tuesday) I had a nice long talk with a few of my fellow classmates. Apparently they like me. After lecture today we talked for awhile again and then they invited me back to their place to watch some movies. I almost said no, out of old habit, but then I reminded myself again not to let little things get in my way. Why should I say no to making friends? So I went, and had an awesome time. We watched an anime movie (don’t remember the name) and then we watched RV. The anime was pretty good. RV was good, but far too predictable. Such is Hollywood.

I also actually have gotten some work done in the last couple days. Yay for me! Won’t last long, but it’s a start.