Yea, so I had the bright idea that I’m spending too much on chocolate and should try to break my addiction. Yea right! Maybe some people think you can’t get addicted to chocolate. You can get addicted to anything! The problem with chocolate is it’s so innocent. And available anywhere. And then you eat it and it releases all those happy hormones in your brain. You don’t get those little warnings on the package either. Probably because it’s really not that bad for you. It doesn’t put tar in your lungs, or destroy your liver, or make your teeth fall out (well, no more than other food anyways). I’ve always craved chocolate, but I don’t think I actually got addicted to chocolate until first year. I had so much money on my food plan that I had to spend. All the ‘healthy’ food was a 5 minute walk away, but that nice little convenience store was just downstairs. I didn’t even have to get out of my pyjamas (and didn’t half the time either). Now I have to have it every day. Yes, every day. I haven’t had any today. If it wasn’t dark out and raining right now, I’d be at the store getting some. Or if I had my car, I’d be at the store. But the store is far enough away from me (and I’m lazy enough) that I don’t want to go out in the dark and the rain. And the vending machine in the common room is empty again. Guess I’m not the only one. Oh well.

Anyways, I imagine that you want to read more about the last two weeks than chocolate. They’ve been quite uneventful, hence the lack of posts. My sleep cycle insists on reversing every weekend. It’s very strange. All week I keep waking up much earlier than I ever would naturally. One day I woke up at 3:30am! And then all of a sudden on the weekend I sleep for the entire day and end up staying up all night. For the last two weekends the only way I’ve made it to the stores while they’re open is to just stay up for the whole day too. This is why I haven’t gone to see any of the sites recently. On the plus side I have managed to get a few things done for school. And my room is actually clean. And tidy. (Gasp!). lol. (since I know there are some people that will be reading this that don’t know what that means, lol=laughing out loud). I also had a full, proper night’s sleep last night. So I’m hoping that my sleep cycle is getting back to where it should be. I know that when people are in a new timezone they can have some problems like this. I just found it strange since I was sleeping quite normally for the first few weeks.

I have also met a fellow Canadian. Her name is Helene, and she’s working on her PhD. She works with bugs, so she’s an entomologist. She’s been here for 6 years now (not all in England though, some time in France and Scotland also), but her and her new husband are thinking of returning to Canada soon. I went to a lecture that she gave recently about the work she’s doing for her thesis. I won’t torture you with the gory details though. We went out for supper after it, it was really great to spend time with a fellow Canadian.

With regards to Mr. Music, there is no more music. It’s quite possible that there is no more Mr. Music. If he is still here, then he’s hanging by a thread. But things have been nice and peaceful recently. No more vibrating furniture. Yes, I know some people might like that sort of thing, but it’s rather distracting when you’re trying to write an essay! lol.

Had my first lab session here today. Most labs are usually very structured, with steps that you have to follow. But because of the nature of this particular class, it was set up to be more of a ‘try it out and see what works best’ kind of thing. It was nice to have a different approach. The only problem is that it makes the write-up for the lab more difficult, and shorter. And the write-ups for the 2 or 3 labs that we’ll have counts for half of the mark of that class. You’d think that it’d be nice to have a small amount of work for the marks. But it’s not like that at all. I found that difference going from high school to university too. In high school an assignment would be worth only 1 or 2 percent of your mark. In university it was suddenly 10 or 20 percent. Sure it means a smaller number of actual assignments, but if you screw up it’s a lot more of your mark that you’ve just lost. When something is suddenly worth half your mark, there’s no room for error. I suppose this is the point, that you have to know what you’re doing and do it right. But I find it very disconcerting to know that if you do very poorly on that one small thing, you’ve got no chance to make up for it. You might as well just give up right there. I like Windsor better because of this. Sure I have to do more work, but if I don’t do well on something then I have the chance to learn from that mistake. For example, in one of my classes in first year I actually failed both of the midterms. I managed a B in that class. Because I was given the chance to learn from the mistakes that I had made and since the midterms weren’t worth half the mark, I was actually able to do well in the class. Here, there are no midterms. There is some coursework in the classes, and then a couple of my classes have exams at the end. These exams are worth 50% of the mark, and they’re in a style that I’ve never been tested in before. Yea, you can tell me that I’ll do well because I always do. But it bothers me that I don’t have a chance to try out this style for a smaller amount of marks. Midterms for me tend to be like practice for the exam. Sure it still counts, it would have to or I wouldn’t bother with it. But I like that I can do the test, potentially even fail, and get feedback to see what I have to do to be better. Perhaps I should print off some of the old exams, do them, and then ask my profs to mark them. It’s a good idea, and yet I probably won’t get around to it since I don’t have to. I guess if the worst happens and I don’t do well in a course, I can retake it back home with the learning style that I’m used to.

I imagine that this is quite long enough, and boring to boot. 🙂

Oh yea, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before. But if anyone knows what a ‘traditional’ Canadian meal would be, let me know. Since it’s all international students in this flat we’re all going to share dishes from our home countries at some point. The funny thing was that everyone else came up with a dish immediately, and I still have no ideas. Our entire culture seems to be just bits and pieces borrowed from other cultures, so it seems wrong to claim anything as traditional Canadian food since it all came from somewhere else first. Any ideas?