Feels weird not being there for his birthday. Especially sucks that I don’t get my share of the cake. I imagine that it came from Killer Desserts in Port Stanley, if recent tradition is anything to judge by. *sigh*, oh well. Not that he has much time for a party today, since he’s moving into his new place. Then again considering the way his friends like to move house, the whole day will likely be a big party anyways. Question for you Sean (or Mark if you read this), do you actually have to load your stuff into a car to move it, or are you just walking it down the street to your new place? lol. I hope you two get along well as roomies. I know you’re best friends and everything, but living together has a tendency to change things. The funny thing is I’m not so worried about Mark. He’s used to living with people and he seems like a very quiet, clean sort of person. Very good qualities for a roomie in my opinion. I almost feel bad for him, having to live with my brother, lol. Although to be honest I think the time Sean has spent living on his own has probably made him an easier person to live with. I think he’s learned to pick up after himself since things don’t get magically picked up anymore if they’re left around long enough.

School is still going well. I’ve finally started to nibble away at my assignments.

I also got a nice fat package in the mail today. An entire box full of skor bars. Jeff now holds the title of the best boyfriend ever. For now anyways. I can’t let him get used to the title or he’ll stop trying, and it’s way too fun to be spoiled 😀

Also, Guild Wars just released their newest expansion on Friday. I tried not to buy it, but I couldn’t help it. It’s such an awesome game though. Even the original was an awesome game, and with each expansion it just gets better and better. I wonder what they’ll come out with next?

Well I think that’s all for now folks!