So, today started out well enough. The package from mom and grandma arrived, finally. And class was ok.

And then I got back to res.

Quarter after 5, just when I get back to res and just after the hall manager has left, the music starts again. Yes, Mr. Music is still here. It actually started again a few days ago. But it wasn’t too bad. And when I complained a few days ago, the hall manager came up to my room to see how loud it was. This was right after he’d been in the room below mine, and told the guy not to touch anything. Lo and behold, by the time he got to my room it was quiet. So he says that Mr. Music should be allowed to enjoy his music and that we need to reach a compromise. Ever since it has been getting louder every night. I’ve been trying to put up with it, but surprise surprise I’m getting no work done again. I was really starting to get things done when it was quiet. I’ve been putting up with it for over 2 hours tonight. I’ve tried talking to the RA’s, talking to the guy who’s making the noise, everything I can think of. I just don’t know what to do anymore, it’s so frustrating!