It would seem that bonfire night is the only holiday left that only Britain celebrates. According to Glyn anyways. Apparently most of the other holidays are for saints, so as soon as another country becomes christian they celebrate these too. But bonfire night is all about Guy Fawkes trying to blow up parliament. If you saw ‘V for Vendetta’ then you know what I’m talking about. I’m not really sure why they celebrate it, but it’s fun anyways. And they start selling fireworks about a month beforehand, and people start celebrating then too. Even on weeknights, there have been fireworks going off. It’s not as bad as it sounds though, because it gets dark by about 5 here already, so the fireworks go off relatively early in the night. They’re all finished by the time I go to bed. Anyways, for bonfire night Glyn invited me to come out to his dad’s place for the celebration. It was really fun. He picked me up about noon, and I got back about 10. I didn’t get near enough sleep the night before, because Mr. Music had friends over until 6am, but more about that later. Everyone has fireworks and a giant bonfire for this holiday. They usually also make a little Guy Fawkes effigy and throw him on the bonfire, but Glyn’s family didn’t do that this year. I helped collect wood for the fire, and I even used the axe to cut some of it up. I was pretty proud of myself there. I haven’t used an axe in a long long time, and I did quite well. Once the bonfire was mostly burned down, we put some bananas on it. They’re done like smores, but with a split banana instead of grahm crackers. They were really good. And we had about an hour of fireworks. They don’t seem to go as high or make as much noise as ours back home do. And after all that we went back in the house and had supper. I feel a little bad because I didn’t take a gift for my hosts. But I got the impression that I’ll be back there before I go back to Canada, so I’ll have a chance to make up for it. And now I know what kind of wine Glyn’s dad likes, so that should work well.

With regards to Mr. Music. It has become an issue again. After I wrote that last post I emailed the hall manager. And I ended up emailing him again later the same night because of more problems. I even told him in one that I was seriously considering moving out. Which I was really, it’d be much nicer in a flat of my own. However, I’m not the only one being bothered, so someone else would have to put up with this. Cliff (the hall manager) thought that I meant move to another room in res, which totally wasn’t my meaning. But usually there’s a charge for doing that, and he said that I’d be able to do it for free because of the problems. But as much as my flatmates can get on my nerves sometimes, I’m smart enough to recognize that any other flat would likely be worse. I would also wonder why someone would want to move out of the room that I’m moving into.  Anyways, Cliff was really nice about the whole thing. He closed the office door and let me sit down and just vent. But he said that it’s only me complaining, and no one else seems to be bothered by it, so I probably just have sensitive hearing. So this weekend I just decided to not complain. I think no one else has been complaining because it wasn’t on very long at any one point and then it would be off again because I’d have someone up to deal with it. And this weekend was bad too. But now I know that there have been complaints by at least one other person, and Cliff knows now that it’s not just me being bothered. I’m hoping this will make a difference.

As for the suggestions I’ve received, earplugs unfortunately don’t work very well. I can still feel the bass through the floor and through my bed. And it’s very hard to sleep with earplugs in. Plus, I’m worried that I’d sleep through my alarm that way. As for fighting fire with fire, if I do that then we’ll both be kicked out of res. Although I don’t think anyone could really blame me if I did. We’ll see if my plan to not complain had any effect. Thanks for the ideas though.