I just wanted to put a quick post in. I’ve been asked why I’m not doing more travelling and seeing more sights. It’s not tourist season right now. A lot of the sites either close or have shortened hours now. And when you consider the fact that it starts getting dark around 4:30, and is pretty much black by 5, it really limits how far I’m willing to go. And the bus schedules really aren’t that great for the tourist sites, since they tend to be outside of the big cities. Then there’s also the 4 assignments that I’m working on. The semester is about half over now, and there are a lot of due dates coming up. I’m considering doing some small amount of travelling over my christmas break. The obvious choice would be to go see London. But then again, over christmas everything is going to be much more expensive, especially travelling. And I have my exams after the break, which I think is a bad way for it to be done, but it’s not up to me. So I have to try to make myself study over that time too. I would really like to do well enough this year to get a scholarship again. After the amount that I’m spending this year, I’m going to need it. And yes, I lost the last one. I had the bright idea to do statistics, genetics, and organic chemistry all at the same time. Didn’t work so well. I still did much better than most other people, but I was slightly shy of an A average at the end, so no more money. It does seem like I’m wasting my time here a bit, but at least I’m experiencing the culture. And after January the days will be longer and I’ll have 5 days a week free for exploring.