I was talking to Helene the other day, and she mentioned how big brother is here (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out George Orwell’s book ‘1984’). Some of my other friends here have mentioned it too. And it’s true. Everything you do here is monitered. You’re on camera everywhere. My actions on the internet are even monitered, although that’s mostly cause I’m in res. But I think that would be against privacy laws in Canada. Like in ‘1984’, and in other countries, they don’t seem to get all worked up and come after you if you do something small that’s illegal. A little rebellion can be ignored. And a lot of the systems here seem to work really well. They’re health system seems to be set up better than ours is now, although I know that a few years ago that wouldn’t have been the case. Everything edible that I see is free trade, and tends to be what we call organic. Meaning no preservatives, no added stuff, all natural. More expensive, yes, but healthy and ethical. Certain businesses can’t set up shop here, because they aren’t ethical enough. No products made in sweat shops anywhere in the world are allowed, and all workers have unions. It’s no wonder that things cost so much here, the people are really taken care of, whether they realize it or not. Makes me wonder though. What happens if this country ends up in the hands of the wrong person? All these systems and rules are in place for the benefit of the people. But what if, at some point, that is no longer the main consideration? Definitely something to think about.