As I’ve mentioned, I won’t be coming home for christmas. Yes, I miss everyone. Yes, it would be great to be home again. No, I’m not changing my mind. I only have a limited time here, and I’m going to use it to study and travel as much as possible.

That being said, I need to talk about gifts. Chances are that those of you who are getting gifts from me will get them when I come back in the summer. I may not be able to mail them, as it’s so expensive. I deliberately brought less than my luggage limit allowed on the way here so that I have lots of room to bring things home. As for gifts to me, again it’s too expensive to mail things. Also, please remember that if you do want to buy me something, anything that you mail to me will have to be brought back to Canada again, and will take up room in my luggage. The best gift possible this year is money. Instead of buying me more things to clutter up my life (and believe me, I have a lot of clutter!), buy me experiences. The money it would take to get me a book or dvd would buy me a train ticket to see a castle. Instead of a new electronic gadget, I could have a weekend trip to Paris. I know that usually giving a person money for a gift seems too impersonal and unthoughtful, but this year it is the absolute best thing you could give me. Heh, now I feel like I’m hitting everyone up for money. Oh well. Shopping for me isn’t even that hard to begin with. This year it’s even easier 😀