So I’ve finally gotten sick of getting lost. Well, it hasn’t actually happened much recently, but I took so long to learn how to not get lost in this little area that I know anywhere else I go I’ll get lost again. And I think that this is part of the reason that I haven’t done much travelling so far. Yea, figuring out the mass transit system is a big pain too, but once I get myself into the middle of another city, how do I know where to go? So I’ve decided that I’m going to utilize GPS technology. Weird thing is I’m actually being smart about it and doing the research. Usually when it comes to technology I see something I like and just snap it up without checking into it first. But I’m actually reading up on things now. I looked at a whole lot of different options, and I may have decided on one, but I’m going to sit on it for a bit. At first I was thinking I’d get software for my palm pilot to make it work as a GPS, but if I did that I’d have to buy both the compatible software and a compatible GPS receiver. Once you add it all up it’s surprisingly expensive, especially considering that I already have the main piece of hardware. Plus it turns out that there aren’t many GPS programs that work with the palm operating system; they’re all made for pocket pcs instead. There are a couple that work with palms, but they don’t list my model as being compatible. There’s a good chance that that’s just because it’s a new model, but when I’m spending that much I don’t really want to take the risk of buying something that won’t work. So then I started checking out the actual GPS devices. There are so many! I have one that I’ve definitely got my eye on, but incredibly enough I’m still being smart about it. (Honestly, when it comes to buying technology I don’t usually bother with all this. I tend to take the outlook that if it doesn’t work the way I want it to, I’ll make it work!) Anyways, the reason I haven’t bought it yet is because the software provided by the company that makes it covers Western Europe only. Yes, this is more than adequate for my time here, but I’d like to have a device that I can use for more than a year. The underlying operating system of this device is pocket pc, so all those other programs I found should work on it. But I emailed the company to be sure. It really is super awesome though, and it comes to about the same price as the option of using my palm with those add-ons. So we’ll see what they say about it being used with other software. I think what I like most about it is it’s versatile. You can use it when you’re walking, on a bike, or in a car. And included in the package are all the things you need to attach it to your bike or car. Yea, I get lost at home too. I end up using mapquest a lot more than I should, and that’s really not much help if you miss your turn. Here’s hoping!