Grandpa: do you really think that I’d let school suffer for my travelling? Not a chance. Maybe it has been sounding like that, but school is my life. And frankly (this probably sounds really snobbish) I’m never happy unless I feel that I can count myself among the best in my classes. Besides, there’s the money aspect (again). I wouldn’t spend so much to go to school unless I had every intention of fully getting my money’s worth. When it comes to school I’m a perfectionist, and I won’t accept second best. I wouldn’t have done an exchange if I thought it would interfere too much with my schooling. In fact, it gives me an edge over my competitors for the job market. This experience will make my resume stand out, and it highlights the fact that I can work well in different environments. I probably will end up taking 5 years to get my degree instead of the usual 4, but I don’t see this as a negative. When I do get out in the job market I’ll have more experience than those that I’m competing with. Yes, I’ll miss out on potential jobs at the end of the 4th year, but there may be an even better job available after I’m done a 5th year. But I’m still positive that I’m going to go on to do my Master’s after I get my degree anyways, so the difference of a semester or a year won’t really be a big issue.

As for the rest of you, where are the comments? I know there’ve been a lot of people looking at my blog in the last couple of days, so give me some feedback.