I have finally made up my mind to go to London for Christmas. No backing down now, I’ve already paid for my room. I considered treating myself to a hotel room, since it’s christmas, but finally decided on a hostel. For one thing, it’s a third of the price (hello shopping!). Also, it means that I won’t end up talking myself into staying holed up in a room all alone for the whole time I’m there. Chances are I’ll find other people who I can see the sites with, and celebrate Christmas with. And the place I booked is right in central London, no way I’d find a cheap hotel anywhere near there I’m sure. Now I just have to set up my travel arrangements, and maybe find a tour to attend on my first day there. They do have internet access there, so I’ll keep you all updated while I’m there. And then I get to come back here, and study for the dreaded exams. Anyone know of any specific sites I should see?