Tim: you’re the best. Thanks so much for the info on the Jack the Ripper tours, I’m definitely interested!

As for the travelcard, I actually bought myself a London Pass today. So that allows me to get into over 50 attractions for free, I don’t have to wait in the lineups, I get discounts at even more places (including the theatre, which is playing phantom of the opera), and it comes with a travelcard on it too. Every city should have something like this. It’s possible that I could have gotten it cheaper in person, with a student discount or something, but I’m not sure. And I’ll be taking at least one more trip to London after this first one, so I can find out for next time. The only thing left now is to get my train tickets. The websites don’t recognize my post code here for some reason, so I’ll have to go buy them in person this weekend. The tickets can be so cheap when you buy them early. And then I’ll just have to go through all the information I have and figure out which places to go to, since I won’t be able to see everything in the time I’m there. Normally I’d probably have my whole trip completely planned before I even get there, but I’m going to try to be a bit more spontaneous this time. I’d like to get there first, and see if there are other travellers in the hostel that won’t mind my tagging along. Perhaps there will even be other individual travellers looking to make new friends.