So I found another tour company. And they offer a trip very much like the one I wanted, at a much better price. It’s set up a bit differently, and they don’t go to Egypt, but it still seems like a great option. (Plus I found a place that’ll take me on an 8-day Egypt tour for $400, so maybe if I have extra time somewhere…)

I included links at the side to this awesome company, and the tour I really want to take. Sorry everyone, these great deals are only available if you’re between the ages of 18 and 35. And you don’t stay in hotels. You basically stay in campgrounds. But the tour is in summer, and they give us air mattresses to sleep on so I really don’t mind so much. I’m sure I’ll be tired enough from seeing everything that it won’t matter what I’m sleeping on anyways.

What I love most about this particular tour is that they take you to see ‘Dracula’s Castle’ in Romania. (That’d be the castle that Bram Stoker based the book on). I think they also take you to see Vlad the Impaler’s home village, something like that. If you’re interested you can check out all the details on the site that I’ve linked to. Plus they have a chef that travels the whole way with us; this tour provides most of the meals. (The other one that I wanted provided less than half, and eating in Europe can be very expensive, especially when you don’t know where to go).

I also want to mention at this point that I love being Canadian. Every one of the countries that this tour visits will either give Canadians a visa right at the border or let you in for 30 days or more without a visa. No wonder people like to steal or forge Canadian passports, they let you go just about anywhere.