My friends took me out to a club last night. This place is huge, and is kinda more like 3 clubs in one. The section we went to last night plays rock and alternative on Monday’s now. The DJ is an old friend of my friends, went to school with them and everything (don’t know why a pro DJ has a biology degree, but to each their own). It was a really fun night. In our little group there were 3 guys and 2 girls, including me. I ended up having more money at the end of the night than I did at the beginning (found a few coins on the ground) because the guys kept buying the rounds in turns. And no, they weren’t just trying to get me drunk. I was drinking pop. Manners over here are awesome. Really, people are so nice. Must be where Canada gets it from.

Anyways. The only music I’ve ever danced to is pop music. And I can do ok. I’m not the best dancer ever, but I’m not horrible either. I’ve never danced to rock before, it’s completely different. And if I were at home I’d have a good outfit to go to a rock club in. But as it was I stuck out like a sore thumb in my blue sweater. So I opted to stay off the floor this time and just people-watch. There was plenty to watch too, quite an odd mix there. So the last song they play is one that everyone knows. Except me. I knew almost all of the songs that they played last night, but I’d never heard this one before. And they decide it’s time I got out there and danced. So they got their DJ friend to yell at me over the system till I did, lol. I start hearing my name over the speakers and I’m just thinking ‘what? is he talking to me? how does he know my name?’ Rock’s even more difficult to dance to when you’ve never heard the song before.

Oh well, no one was watching me anyways. They were all too busy playing air guitar and/or headbanging.

Like I said, there was quite a lot to see for a people-watcher.