Well I’ve done it. I’ve booked the Europe tour. I ended up using a different company, but the tour is essentially the same. Actually, it’s slightly longer, and visits Switzerland too, which the other one didn’t. The main reason I chose this company was because of the dates though. With the other company I would have had to store my stuff somewhere or rent my room for longer, as it went 10 days past when I have to be out of res. With Topdeck I can leave my stuff in my room while I’m gone, and I have a few days after the tour to collect my stuff. Which also means that I can crash here for a night or two before catching my flight home too. It starts 3 days after my birthday. Quite a birthday present! I’ll never have another opportunity like it though. The price is close to the price for the other tour too. It’s not divided like the other one, so it looks like more. But I’ll also be saving money because I won’t have to rent storage space for my stuff.

The reason I booked it so early is because I get a discount if I pay in full by the end of December. And the discount comes to more than what I’ll pay in extra interest on my loan, so I’m still saving.

Pretty exciting!