I just wanted to tell everyone an interesting fact that I learned in class a month or so ago. Every banknote has traces of drugs on it. Seriously, this has been tested. It’d probably be cheaper to roll up a few notes and smoke them than it would be to buy drugs, and you’d get an interesting high from the mix.

No, I’m not saying to try it. I have no idea what effect the inks would have on your body. Then again if you’re willing to try this I would imagine that the inks would be the least of your worries anyways.

It was funny though, in class. The prof was telling us how they thought it was a fluke that every note was testing positive. So they pulled their money out of their pockets and tested that too. Still positive.

Also, I’ve read in the news that America’s biggest cash crop is marijuana. Considering that this is the case despite the fact that it’s illegal, I think the government would be smart to legalize it. The crop size would probably double, at least, and they could tax it.

That reminds me of another thing I heard in class. They had a cop come in and talk to us about drugs. He told us about one guy who had a grow-op running in a house. This whole house was devoted to the growth of pot. He did it for years, and made quite a tidy living. For quality purposes, or something, this guy kept track of everything he did. Detailed records of the breeds he used, amount of lighting, etc. to see what worked best. Unfortunately for him that made some nice evidence for the cops. Instead of being charged for just the amount that they caught him with in the house they were able to charge him for the years of crops. And they knew the exact amount that he had grown and sold, and for how much. Because of his wonderfully detailed records. Imagine being charged for growing tonnes of pot.

We heard a lot of other things about drugs. Seriously, never ever ever do drugs. Ever. I’m not even talking about health risks or the chance of getting caught. The processes that they go through before ever reaching the street are quite horrifying. Gross. If you want the details, ask me in person and I will delight in making you feel sick. But I won’t post it.