Exams are all over for now, and good thing. I think the chemistry one went pretty well, but the genetics one didn’t go great. As long as I don’t have to retake the exam, I don’t mind (they allow a retake of the exam here, you don’t have to retake the whole course like you do at home).

As for the weather, it has been pretty rainy and windy, but really not that bad. I’m about as far inland as you can get in England, so it’s not as severe here as elsewhere.

On Friday one of my friends from school (Jon, or JP as most people call him) took me out to meet another friend of the group, Sue. She’s opening a pet shop in town, which is pretty cool. I may have convinced her and her husband to move to Canada. They like the idea of living in an area with wolves for some reason. This family runs an animal sanctuary out of their home too, they even have a monkey. JP is going to take me there sometime once the pet store is open and Sue has some free time. We also went to KFC to get lunch. We went through the drive-through. Funny thing, but I don’t think I’ve ever been through a KFC drive through in Canada. And I was worried that it would be disgusting, like McDonald’s was, but it was actually pretty good. It was still really different, but I think I might actually like it better than the KFC at home.

After that we went to JP’s place and he introduced me to his family, and then to his tarantula, corn snake, and scorpions. I held the snake and one of the scorpions. I didn’t hold the tarantula because it’s still a baby and it’s molting or something. The first scorpion that he got out didn’t really want to come near me. JP: “are you nervous?”, me: “a little bit”, him: “could you try not to be? it makes them act up” heh. So he ended up getting out a different scorpion, and I was eventually able to have it crawl up and down my arm. Feels pretty cool.

Then we played a game on his xbox for a bit. That was fun. I miss just hanging out with friends like that.

Speaking of games, it seems that the Nintendo Wii can actually help you lose weight because it kicks up your physical activity levels. Now I want one, lol. I think it’s good though, now kids can have the fun of video games without becoming total couch potatoes. And to be playing the game for several hours at a time would take a fair bit of stamina. Cheers to Nintendo.