Yep, there was finally some snow here. It wasn’t much, just a very thin layer on the ground. And it was gone by noon. But it happened. So I texted JP saying I was glad there was finally snow. Apparently the amount we got was tantamount to a blizzard here. He works at a grocery store and there were people buying lots of extras because they were afraid of being snowed in. There was less than an inch. Probably more like a centimeter. It actually made me feel a little bad for them. Sure they get the advantage here of less snow, but that also means growing up without snowmen, snow-forts, snowball fights, or tobogganing. They do have ice skating in arenas, but that’s it.

That reminds me. My Spanish flatmates were in Nottingham last week and they came back talking about people who were rollerblading. Then they added something about ice. “You mean ice skating?” “yea yea, that’s what it is!” They’re thinking of going this weekend to try it out. I offered to go along to hold them up, lol. I think it looks a lot easier than it really is.

In other news, my 5-day weekends are now scrapped. I found out last night that one of my classes was moved to Wednesdays, so starting today. If I hadn’t chosen to go to the class webpage early I wouldn’t have even known. The organization at this school is incredibly bad. Makes me thankful that Windsor generally has their act together. I can’t even put into words how mad this makes me. I had so many 5-day trips planned. Especially when it comes to going to Scotland, Wales, or Ireland, that extra day makes a big difference because the travel takes so long. I hadn’t set dates or anything yet, I knew enough to wait and see when assignments would be due so I could plan around them. So I haven’t lost money. But it really bothers me that because of their lack of planning and organization I have to change everything. It bothers me even more that no one took the time to tell me of the change. They have emailing lists for all the classes. It takes very little to select a list, type out a quick note about the change, and send it to the students in the class.

That’s another thing. Today there were a bunch of emails sent out about time and room changes for classes. Classes started 2 days ago on Monday. And my class wasn’t in these emails, so there are sure to be other classes that weren’t too. And we don’t find out when our exams are until a month or less before them. At Windsor you know when the exam is on the day that you register for the class.

Lack of organisation and communication in a professional institution really bothers me. Especially when it’s an academic institution.