The entirety of day two (except leaving and returning to the hostel) took place on Skye. We went over the bridge while listening to the tale of saucy Mary. We were also regaled with tales of broonies (took me awhile to figure out that he was talking about brownies). We made a few stops at particularly picturesque places and then it was on to Sligachen. Here the tale was told of two giants fighting for days, and eventually falling in love. We also drank straight out of the river, which is reputed to have healing properties. Not something you would do at home!

Then it was on to Portree/Port Righ for lunch. (They’re attempting to bring back the Gaelic language, and no where is this more apparent than on Skye. It’s like parts of Canada, where the English and French is on every sign). This was a nice little town, but unfortunately as we were there on a Sunday just about everything was closed.

Then on to Storr mountain, where we climbed up to the old man of Storr. There’s a long story accompanying the rock formation, and a long climb to get to it. It was definitely worth it for the view though!

Then on to the remains of Duntulm castle. There were some interesting stories about the MacLeods and MacLachlins various fights over it, including a love story and a story of extreme bravery/stupidity. Funny how most Scottish stories seem to have these elements to them.

Then back to the hostel for a supper of chicken balmoro. This is chicken breast stuffed with haggis and wrapped in bacon. Not as good as the boar but it wasn’t so bad. This was accompanied by ghost stories, which made sleep rather difficult for more than a few people. Luckily the climb up Storr tired me out enough that my imagination didn’t have a lot of time to work on me.