Ok, I know I’m putting this on before the bit about Castleton, but I think I should start with the bad and end with the good.

I hate people

Especially Spanish people

Friday night I planned to go to bed around 11 or 12, I wanted a good 9 hours sleep because I knew I’d be doing a lot of walking on Saturday. When was I finally allowed to sleep? 3 am. That’s when I drove the Spanish out of the flat by banging REALLY LOUDLY on the door and walls and screaming at them. They’d been in the kitchen having another party, like they do every night except Mondays. I hate when they’re in the kitchen that late because at night you can hear everything, especially if you’re being quiet and trying to sleep. But then when they decide to leave they come out into the hall, and stand right in front of my door to say goodbye. This lasts hours. And they don’t speak quietly. I ask them nicely to have their parties in the common room instead of the kitchen like they’re supposed to. I ask them not to congregate in front of my door. Eventually I end up screaming and yelling and swearing and they finally get the hint, though it still takes them half an hour to leave after that. It’s quite often that I have to go to class after only having had 4 or 5 hours sleep. They turn the oven on with the door open because they’re cold, and then forget to turn it off when they leave. And they smoke in the kitchen, despite the sign saying not to. I’m starting to think they do these things just because they know it makes me mad. The pans that I helped buy have half an inch of crud in the bottom because they just get a cursory wipe with a (sometimes) soapy sponge. Needless to say most of the hot food I eat is microwaved.

So I was pretty grumpy on my way to Castleton, but glad to be away from it for a couple days. My time in hostels has increased dramatically recently, I just can’t stand being here anymore.

And then I get back to res. Within less than an hour I’m informed that it’s now my week to take out the garbage. I already knew this, but whatever. (Also, it irks me that the only time people here talk to me is to ask me for change, or now to tell me it’s my turn for the garbage.) I go into the kitchen, and there are 2 huge garbage bags full, and all the recycling bins are full. The turns for garbage changes on a Monday. So apparently they think I’m stupid enough to believe that they created this much refuse within the space of half a day. I would just refuse to do it at all, especially since the garbage I generate in my room gets taken out by me every week while the rest of them pile it in the kitchen garbage, and also since I’m not even here half the time. Unfortunately the girl whos turn is after mine is the one girl here who is actually half friendly towards me, and I don’t want her to be punished for what the other girls are trying to do.

On the plus side I’m off for another trip, and thank the gods it’s a longer one, as of Friday evening. So I don’t have to put up with it for long right now. But I have a lot of work to get done before then, and it’s hard to work properly when I’m so wound up. I’d go for a nice long walk somewhere to work some of it off, but it’s dark out now and my feet would protest after all the walking this weekend anyways. So this is the best I can do. Maybe I should go and run up and down the stairs a few times… I hate that they make me want to act so violently. Seriously, there have been a few times this year where it’s been very lucky for them that I don’t have a gun licence. Of course I’m sure it would never get to that, I wouldn’t let myself stoop that low. But I hate that the thought is tempting. It’s only when I’m tired and my patience is short. But when you find that other people have prevented you from sleeping for 5 days straight and it’s pure luck that has prevented a fire starting in the next room, I’m sure anyone would be tempted. Especially since fire is one of my greatest fears. I’ve seen pictures. It’s enough to make you sick.

That’s another thing. They don’t leave when there’s a fire alarm. None of them. It’s too much effort for them. They stand in their rooms and look down at me outside in the cold, as if they’re better than me. It makes me almost hope for a fire sometimes, just to show them how incredibly stupid they are! You don’t even have to be near the fire. And we’re on the top floor. Guess what, smoke rises. You don’t even know what’s happening and suddenly you can’t breathe, can’t move, can’t get out. You collapse, and that’s the end. And yea, we have a lot of false alarms, but at least 2 of them this year have been real. One boy was rushed off in an ambulance. And yet still these empty-headed girls stand in their rooms staring down at me so smugly. The first alarm that we had this year was late at night, it was the only one that they went outside for. But they were in their pyjamas, so they decided to go back in their rooms to change and fix their make-up and whatnot first. Someone tell me, how is anyone this stupid? How do people this moronic make it to university? Fire alarm = exit building. It’s easier than 2+2=4. I could understand not knowing what to do during an earthquake if you’re from a place that never has them, but everyone has fires. It’s not like this is even a cultural thing, it’s a stupidity thing. In Windsor residences they check all the rooms and fine anyone who hasn’t left the building. I liked that policy. It keeps people safe. Apparently the prospect of a $125 fine is scarier than dying in a fire. Go figure.