I’m going to be leaving residence the day after my birthday. So if anyone plans to send me anything in the mail (cards or letters), you’ll be better off sending it to my Canadian home at this point. Or save it for when I get back. As for gifts, money is of course very acceptable 😉 It’ll really help for my Europe trip. It’s not necessary though, I’m pretty sure I have enough to live off for those 2 months. If you don’t want to just give me money again, then I’ll be needing supplies for living on my own by the end of summer (pots and pans, broom, that kind of thing).

If you don’t like me getting all practical in my old age (I don’t blame you, I don’t like it much either), you could buy me something fun. Like a new computer game. Or TV shows on DVD. Or Terry Pratchett books.

I’d like to get together with everyone when I get back to have a coming home/birthday party. Even if you all send me money for my birthday and there are no presents present, it would still be great to celebrate it together.

I will still be here on my birthday, so if anyone wants to call you should be able to reach me on one of my 3 numbers. Of course after that it may seem like I’ve fallen off the edge of the planet, I know my computer will miss me. But I should still be able to use my cell-phone in most or all of the countries I visit, so if you get worried or miss me terribly (Chris: “yea right!”) I’m just a phone call or a text away.