I was just on the government of Canada website to get the travel advisories for all the countries I’m going to be visiting. Even reading one is enough to get you scared and paranoid, and I just read through 15! They’re very alarmist. I understand they want travellers to take precautions and everything, but it’s enough to scare you away from travelling in the first place! And I’m not sure how they expect you to avoid pickpockets and bag-snatchers while at the same time not leaving anything in a locked car. Or there’s the police in many countries who can stop you and ask for ID, but you’re supposed to keep your passport (the one acceptable form of ID) locked up in a hotel safe.

Oh well, I’m just really really glad that, as a Canadian, I didn’t need to send my passport off to a dozen different places to get visas. I am still excited to be going, but those travel advisories sure put a damper on things.