We take so many things in our lives for granted. I expect to find out a few of the things that I take for granted during my time in England.

my car (to me this one thing represents both independence and freedom. I feel very restricted now that I can’t just walk outside, hop in my car, and go wherever I like whenever I like)

my family and friends (of course)

streets that meet at 90 degree angles

wide-open spaces and wilderness (sure there’s fields here, but it’s not the same as seeing huge areas of just trees)

cheap ice-cream


people being able to understand me when I speak


Skor bars (thanks Jeff!)

Peanut butter, stawberries COVERED in chocolate sauce, having a variety store next door, mail delivery (sent and received in the same month), TV, pumpernickel bread and spinach dip. (compliments of mom)

Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup (I’ve been told that they do have Campbell’s soup here, but I still haven’t seen it anywhere)