I’ve created this page to compare English English with Canadian English.

The format is this: English word = Canadian word.

chips = french fries

crisps = chips

lorry = truck (transport truck)

fag = cigarrette

you alright? = how are you? (really threw me off the first time. every time in the past that anyone’s asked me if I’m alright is when I’ve potentially hurt myself, had a fall or something. so a guy asks me this and I say ‘yea… why wouldn’t I be?’ heh. that turned into a discussion of cultural differences)

football = soccer (I think everyone knows this one)

ice hockey = hockey (I put this just because I really don’t understand why they need the word ‘ice’ there. But they get confused if you don’t use it. Same goes for skating)

petrol = gas (I guess they also have cars that run on natural gas or something, so they think this is what you’re talking about if you say gas)